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  1.   Quality and affordability
    OFFER top quality and affordable products with  prices  lower than  the ones on most of the marketplaces. Remember customers are looking for best deals online.

    b.  Your relations with buyers
    Maintain an excellent customer service. Maintaining  healthy relations  with potential or existing customers can strengthen your presence on the global market and help you make more money.

    c. Inventory
    Stay on top of your inventory management and fulfillment to meet   vendordom ’s high standards  and customers’ needs
    To increase your chance of showing up in product search, generating more exposure and securing more customers, you should list more products.

    d.  Delivery
    Deliver products in a timely manner and avoid defective products.
    The least your customers wait for their orders, the happier they are and the better your chance  to improve customer retention.
    Make sure the product is sent to your customer as described in your listing. Avoid falling short of buyers needs.

  2.  Shipping and tracking

    *To Ensure a direct contact between a seller and a buyer, any product sold on Vendordom Marketplace  is directly shipped by the seller to the buyer. We are not involved in any shipping process .

However we highly recommend you have  a free or low- cost shipping policy. If there is a shipping cost, it must be affordable and include handling and insurance costs.
You can have offer several shipping options .
Example :   Expedited, Overnight, regular   etc.

The reason for that is we want our marketplace transactions to be affordable to help our sellers have more buyers.

Before listing shipping options read what they offer, then choose the ones  with the lowest costs  and with features that  meet or exceed what the buyer needs.
Upload accurate tracking details about the product and mark it  ‘shipped ’ if and only if it has effectively been sent to the buyer, within the handling time you specified in your listing.
Avoid misleading information.

  1.  Return policy
    Have a free return policy. We highly recommend you specify the time period in which returns are accepted. Allow  30 days or more in the return policy.

  2. Take accurate photos of your product from different angles and maintain listings that give as many details as possible to avoid confusing or frustrating your customers.
    Be upfront and honest about the terms of transaction, the forms of payment you accept, any taxes or fees, shipping, handling and return policies.
    Accurate and thorough descriptions of product can increase product reach and attract more potential buyers.

    h. Using Vendordom resources can help you make more money with us: Check our Gold Club and talk with buyers in Vendordom Community.

    j.   Do not operate with a false identity


  1.  Do not sell any item that you have not listed
    L. Do not offer any deal to our marketplace user outside


  1.  We want to make sure buyers have different options from different sellers for an identical item on the same site whether the item is universal, generic or not
    Each seller is not allowed to fix different prices for an identical  listed item at the same time.  
    Each seller  shall not list an identical item in different categories at the same time, even if they added a bonus item.
    Each seller  shall not use different user names to list an identical item.


  1. II)   Secure your presence on Vendordom and sell to the whole world.
    Avoid too many late shipments or defective products.   
    b. Avoid price gauging.
    c.  Avoid misleading advertisements
    d. Be emphatic, refrain from keeping customers waiting on the phone for long time.
    Not meeting any of those conditions will result in account suspension.